Technology and Cybersecurity

The Towne Law Firm, P.C. (TLF) has the experienced team you need to help resolve your technology law concerns, whether as a business or an individual. As technology advances in both the private and governmental sectors, new technology effects all business enterprises.  All business owners are vulnerable no matter their industry. Cybersecurity is a prevailing issue as businesses grapple with challenges to security as it relates to email, unprotected personal devices, unencrypted data, and even firewalls.

At TLF, our technology and cyber attorneys have a regulatory background. They are versed in the requirements, particularly the New York State Department Financial Services Rule, a cybersecurity regulation establishing requirements for financial services companies. Our attorneys continually keep track of the changes to make sure our clients are provided the most up to date information and services to help with their filings and strategies moving forward.

As Technology advances, so do state and federal regulation. Our attorneys can help navigate the changing landscape providing litigation defense to new website lawsuits that arise, including those under Title III of the American with Disabilities Act. With the ever shifting landscape, our attorneys stay on top of the changes in technology to provide knowledgable and experience legal services to you.

We provide a wide range of legal counsel and services including:

  • Security/Privacy Risk Assessments
  • Compliance Issues and Reviews
  • Cyber Litigation Claims and Defense
  • Contracts and Confidentiality Agreements
  • ADA Website Litigation Defense
  • Data Breach Preparedness, Response & Notification Planning
  • State and Federal Securities Issues
  • Trademarks